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Protecting Your Online Privacy With Norton Antivirus

 Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2007

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Norton Antivirus 2008 is the latest version of the popular Symantec antivirus application. This family of software has become extremely popular and continues to offer an extensive list of features that keep you safe when you're online. As well as being able to perform regular scans of your system to find any infected files Norton Antivirus 2008 sill run silently in the background. While running as a background process it can deliver an always-on level of protection to prevent the forwarding of infected emails and the installation or downloading of infected files.

Application And System Scanning

As well as protecting against and removing viruses and infected files, Norton Anti-virus 2008 will also protect against spyware, adware, and worms as well as protect your system from rootkits. Messenger, email, and browsers are all scanned along with any application that has regular access to the Internet.

The Norton Protection Center

The Norton Protection Center is a user interface that summarizes and gives easy access to all forms of online security offered by the Symantec applications you have installed on your computer. It is simple to use and extremely efficient and effective. As well as links to the appropriate areas of your Norton applications, it also provides details of the latest scan results and the latest action the applications have taken as well as your general security settings.

Virus And Spyware Protection

Viruses and spyware are the two most common online threats. They can be contracted while surfing the Internet, reading email, opening attachments, downloading software, or using instant messenger applications. Norton Antivirus 2008 effectively protects against both of these categories of online threat. You can run regular scans, removing any threats detected on your system, and you can also enjoy the benefits of live protection.

Proactive Scanning And Protection

Spyware can be covertly and discreetly downloaded onto your system without your knowledge. Once installed it can also take actions to hide itself, such as replicating itself in various areas of your system. It can prevent security software from running and it can remove essential files to prevent these same applications from performing their scan. Norton Antivirus 2008 prevents spyware from downloading in the first place making this much less of a problem.

Rootkit Protection

Rootkits are typically applications that enable hackers to gain access to your system. They are installed deep within the system files and prevent the detection of other applications and scripts when accessing the Internet. Under this cover, hackers can gain complete access to your system. Norton Antivirus 2008 performs a deep scan of your entire system including detachable media devices and storage devices as well as emails to prevent rootkits from harboring on your system.

Protection Against The Very Latest Threats

Norton Antivirus 2008 uses heuristic or characteristic scanning to help determine whether files or scripts are indeed a threat. This means that as well as protecting your system against the latest threats released to the Symantec signature database it is possible to scan and remove spyware without having a signature file at all. This protects you from the very latest potential threats.

Software And Security Updates

Regular security updates and software updates are released by Symantec. You will have access to all of these updates throughout the period of your license subscription. For example, if you buy a two year subscription then you will receive free updates over those two years. This provides you with the peace of mind that you always have the latest protection against online threats.

Norton Antivirus 2008 Conclusion

Symantec products have become extremely popular and the latest Norton Antivirus 2008 is no exception. The name is a little misleading because as well as scanning for viruses it will also protect against spyware and rootkits, and will prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your computer. Regular updates and a proactive level of protection make this a very powerful and useful tool indeed.


Norton Internet Security 2007

 Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2007

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Online security has become an increasingly important factor for web browsers and Internet users. The Internet is seemingly plagued with viruses and spyware while there are an increasing number of people and even companies attempting to gain unauthorized access to systems and steal personal information. Protecting yourself against all of these threats with separate security applications can quickly add up in terms of money, required disk space, and time.

Included In The Norton Internet Security 2008 Suite

Norton Internet Security 2008 is the latest incarnation of the Internet Security suite from Symantec. With antivirus, antispyware, firewall, rootkit detection, intrusion prevention, and antiphishing protection as standard it offers a complete solution to protecting your online privacy. Further add-on packs can also be purchased to add protection such as antispam.

Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a serious problem, especially for Internet users. There are precautions that we should all take when using the Internet, chatting to people on messenger or email, or even filling out online forms. Checking for web page security reports is a good way to ensure that you are using a genuine site that offers secure relaying of information. Using Norton Internet Security 2008 it is possible to greatly improve your protection against these types of threats.

Prevent Spyware

Antispyware software helps to prevent spyware ad other forms of malware such as adware from infecting your PC. Spyware is typically used to record and transmit personal data from your computer to a host server belonging to an unauthorized third party. In other cases spyware may record information regarding your browsing habits and use this information in order to display advertisements that are relevant to the types of site you visit.

In either case it is undesirable because it does record personal information that you should be trying to protect. Norton Internet Security 2008 offers antispyware protection to ensure that these potentially damaging and system wasting files are not downloaded onto your system.

Prevents Hackers

Hackers can exploit certain weaknesses that are known within applications and even within operating systems. They may use a backdoor into your system, which is a malicious script that grants them complete access to your system. Preventing this is essential to the protection of your personal data and also to ensure that your PC and the Windows registry do not suffer.

Ongoing Protection

All security applications within the Norton Internet Security 2008 suite run silently in the background of your system. You can continue to work, play, or browse the Internet while the Norton applications protect you from any potential threats. It also ensures that you can prevent threats to your system rather than attempt to recover from them once they have wreaked havoc on your PC.

Detects Hidden Threats

Because the Norton Internet Security 2008 aplications use heuristic scanning they can scan your computer for the latest threats that, as yet, have no associated signatures. This is done because the scanners look for certain characteristics that are predominant in spyware and virus infected applications. This combined with the regular security updates ensures that you are completely protected against all the latest problems.

Norton Internet Security 2008 Updates

Symantec has become one of the most popular online security software producers in the world. Their response time for new threats is very good and regular and automatic updates for the Internet security applications means that you can protect yourself from a whole range of problems without having to make any effort or remember to download the latest updates.

Symantec Internet Security 2008 is a superb way to purchase all the security applications you need because it will work out cheaper while still providing you with the best and most effective applications available.


Norton System Works Premier

 Symantec's Norton SystemWorks 2006 Premier

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Norton System Works Premier will hold your hand throughout your time online, installation of software, and even the deletion of files to ensure that you get the best protection and the best performance from your computer. Any spyware or virus applications are detected and prevented from installing on your system while the Windows registry and system files are regularly scanned and monitored to ensure that no malicious scripts are found.

Optimizing Hard Drives

As well as Internet security, Norton System Works Premier is also responsible for the optimization of your Windows system. Norton System Works Premier will scan and record all installed software in order that it can be quickly, easily, and fully uninstalled if required later. System backup and restore application also offers extra peace of mind that in the event of something going wrong with your system you can effectively restore it to an earlier time.

Cleaning Your System

You can keep your system in excellent shape by routinely and automatically clearing out Internet history, cache, and temporary file folders. All of these cause a drain on system resources but by using an application like Norton System Works Premier it is possible to instantly remove them without a trace by cleaning the registry on completion.

A Web Of Protection

The combination of antivirus and antispyware is an essential combination with todays prevalent online threats. Norton System Works Premier will scan your system to ensure that there are no malicious processes or applications on your system and then clean or remove the files as necessary. Regular security and software updates also means that you will be prepared for the latest threats before they find their way to your system.

Data Backup And Restore

Data loss can cause insurmountable problems for businesses and heartache for individuals. By creating regular backups of files on your system it is possible to limit the amount of damage done in the event you lose data. Some loss is almost inevitable but by producing daily backups you know that you will never lose more than a day's data.

Problems With Windows

Windows is an extremely popular operating system but it isn't without its share of problems, especially for heavy PC users. The Windows registry, in particular, is prone to keeping obsolete entries and corrupt files. When an application next attempts to use one of these entries you will invariably receive an error message and you may be prevented from running an application or even using your system.

Managing System Processes And Windows Settings

Processes running on your system are a good place to start looking for viruses and spyware applications. Norton System Works Premier gives you complete control over the running processes and also over Windows settings. These settings can be used to improve the performance of your system.

Defragmenting And Optimizing Your Hard Drive

As well as offering defragmentation Norton Systems Works Premier will also optimize the drive once it has completed the defragmentation process. Optimizing your hard drive typically leads to an improvement in performance, a reduction in loading times, and fewer application and system errors. This includes the clearing out of temporary folders, history, and other areas that you may otherwise overlook.

Recovering From Failed Installations

Failed software installations can cause a number of problems on your system. The remnants of files are usually left once the installation has failed and some registry entries may also be left behind. These traces can conflict with other files and registry entries causing software problems and they will almost certainly lead to problems if you try again to install the application. Norton System Works Premier provides a way to reverse failed installations and clean out the traces from your system.

Norton System Works Premium Conclusion

Norton System Works Premium is a powerful suite of applications. It will protect you and your computer when you are online, and it will also scan emails and instant messenger chat sessions in order to find any infections. Norton System Works also optimizes your hard drive and provides several functions and features to improve the performance of your system and clean it up.


Norton System Works Standard Edition Review

 Symantec's Norton SystemWorks 2006

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Norton System Works not only protects your system and defends it against spyware, viruses, and other malicious attacks. It also offers the features and tools to improve the overall performance of your system. These tools offer the potential to remove unwanted or obsolete system files and registry entries as well as detecting and fixing any errors that are occurring within the Windows system. You can completely clear Internet and application history and offers you the opportunity to gain complete control over the applications and processes that are currently running on your system.

The Negative Effects Of Malicious Applications

Viruses and spyware can have a detrimental effect on your system and can also lead to the theft of personal information from your computer. At the very least you could have your browser homepage and search pages hijacked and an increased amount of popup advertisements and other forms of advertisements displayed on your desktop.

Improving System Performance

Spyware and viruses are also typically responsible for a drop in performance from your computer. You may notice that applications and files take longer to load and the system itself can take a painfully long time to start. Software conflicts and incorrect or missing registry entries also cause application and possibly even system failure. Preventing all of this helps to ensure that your computer runs at its best over a prolonged period of time.

Preventing Infection On Your Computer And Network Computers

Norton System Works blocks spyware and viruses before they can manifest themselves on your system. By preventing their download and installation you can effectively ensure that your computer, as well as any other users on your network and even email recipients, remain safe. Some applications do the majority of their damage as soon as they are installed delivering their payload as soon as access to the Internet can be achieved. The only sure way to prevent this damage is by preventing the software from downloading.

Email Scanning

Because Norton System Works also scans incoming and outgoing emails it can prevent the spreading of viruses and other malicious codes or applications from spreading using email clients and contact books. Instant messengers are also scanned to ensure that spyware and viruses aren't forwarded from one person to another.

Fixing Windows Errors

Windows errors and problems manifest themselves in a number of different ways and for a number of different reasons. Norton System Works routinely scans your system looking for any Windows problems and resolving the issues. While scanning it will also find potential problems that may later manifest themselves as serious issues. Through the optimization of Windows settings it is possible to prolong the life of your PC.

Cleaning Your System

Cleaning your PC is an essential part of maintenance. By thoroughly and properly removing Internet and application temporary files, clearing Internet cache, and deleting cookies helps to ensure that Internet browsing and applications run quickly and properly. Other system optimization features includes the defragmentation and optimizing of your hard drive.

Norton System Works Conclusion

All software installations and other actions that involve the changing of registry entries are closely monitored by the Norton System Works application. In the event that you wish to restore a system back to a previous date or you need to uninstall any applications then you can use the Norton System Works application to return your system to the required state.

Norton System Works is a powerful application for the defense and optimization of your system. As well as providing the features of an antivirus and an antispyware application it can also be used to optimize the Windows registry and your entire system alike. By combining Norton System Works with other Norton applications it is possible to gain full protection and optimization of your system.


Security And More From The Norton 360 Suite


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Norton 360 is an unobtrusive multi-functioning computer security and optimization application. As well as protecting you and other users of your computer when surfing the Internet Norton 360 will give your PC a service, backup your files and folders, and optimizes your Windows registry. Perhaps the biggest selling point for many people, though, is that it does all of this in the background while you go about your usual computer activities without being hindered or prevented by the running applications.

Range Of Features And Applications

Norton 360 is particularly effective at what it does because of the vast range of features and roles it performs. Internet protection is provided by antivirus, antispyware, rootkit detection, website authentication, and a two way firewall. Other tools include antiphishing protection to secure your personal details from email fraudsters, and automatic backup and restore applications. PC tuneup effectively tweaks your Windows settings in order to ensure that you are getting the best performance from your PC and you also receive 10GB of free online storage for storing your personal photos, movie clips, and music.

Improved Internet Security

Having an antivirus or an antispyware application running on your computer is no longer enough if you are a regular web user. Spyware, rootkits, backdoors, worms, and trojans have become ever more popular and access to your PC can be gained through your browser, email client, messenger, and any other application that can connect to the Internet on your computer.

Because Norton 360 combines several Internet security applications in one package you can be confident that you are better protected. All of these applications run silently in the background of your system while you continue to browse the web or read email confident that you aren't putting your system at risk.

Improved PC Performance

As we use our computer more regularly it is more likely to become filled with files and Windows registry entries. As this continues to happen it is possible that our computers will suffer a relative dip in performance. Applications and Windows itself may slow down and we may be presented with an increasing number of application and system errors. In order to prevent this Norton 360 monitors your PC and tunes your PC so that it runs at its optimum best.

Backup And Restore Utility

The regular backing up of important files is essential to ensuring that your personal information and data can be quickly retrieved in the event of data loss. Doing this manually is tiresome and it is highly likely that most people will stop performing regular backups unless the process is automated. Norton 360 provides the capabilities to automatically run this backup regularly and routinely.

Multi User Pack

The standard license agreement that can be purchased with Norton 360 is a three user pack but there are also five user packs available. This means that a single license can be installed on three or five separate computers within your home providing protection and optimization for the whole family or your entire home network. If your computers are networked, a single insecure system puts all the other network users at risk so ensuring that all computers are secure is important.

Norton 360 Conclusion

Norton 360, compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista is a powerful suite of security and PC performance tools. It can be used to protect up to five home computers quickly and easily and can also be used to routinely run backups preventing data loss. Support is free and provided by phone or by email for added convenience. Licenses are for a one year subscription, which also provides you with all updates and downloads over the space of that year. Out of date security software is nearly as ineffective as having no security software at all.


Protecting Your Personal Information With Norton Confidential

 United States - Norton Confidential

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We use the Internet for a lot more than we ever have done previously. Online banking, online shopping, and online bill payment are all convenient ways to manage finances and undertake certain tasks using the Internet. Unfortunately, with this convenience comes an increased risk of identity theft or the theft of your personal data. Most Internet browsers provide a way to check that a website you are using is secure, but that isn't always enough and a lot of people routinely ignore Windows messages informing of a potentially unsafe website.

Protecting Yourself Against Online Theft

Norton Confidential can protect against the numerous methods of online theft that can occur. The secure storage of passwords is an extremely beneficial feature while the capacity to prevent known crimeware and malicious applications from running on your system offers the utmost in online transaction security. Norton Confidential can be combined with other online security applications to provide a web of protection against all varieties of online threat.

Free Security And Software Updates From Symantec

Included in your subscription plan is free security and software updates over that period. If you purchase a twelve month license then you will receive free updates over this period of twelve months. This ensures that your online protection is up to date and that you are protected against the latest threats to emerge.

Secure Password Storage

Almost every online financial website requires username and password login. Using a different password for each of these sites, as is recommended, makes it incredibly difficult to remember them all easily. However it isn't safe to store a Word or other office application file that contains these passwords. Norton Confidential includes a secure password storage feature. This enables easy access to the passwords you need without providing a similar level of access to others.

Prevent Malicious Application Access

Norton Confidential can scan your system to locate any crimeware and subsequently remove it. It is also able to prevent the downloading of malicious applications. Because Norton Confidential is always on and scanning your system it can keep you permanently protected against some forms of malware that can potentially lead to the theft of your personal data and information. It can also prevent key loggers and screen capture utilities from recording your actions while visiting websites, which is another way that passwords can be stolen and retrieved.

Integration With Other Norton Security Software Applications

Integrating the Norton Confidential application with other Norton products gives you a broader and more rounded protection when online. The Norton Protection Center acts as the central dashboard for the various applications you have installed providing easy access to each and providing you with details of your security settings and performance. The more Norton applications you add the better the overall picture and the greater the level of protection offered. The Norton Protection Center, though, ensures that you are not overwhelmed by a large number of applications and scans from various programs.

Regular Updates

Security updates are released regularly by Symantec providing users with the best protection against the very latest threats. When you purchase a twelve month Norton Confidential license you also receive twelve months of security updates and software updates. By keeping everything up to date in this way you are affording yourself the best level of protection that the application offers.

Norton Confidential Conclusion

Norton Confidential is a handy online security tool that can prevent the theft of your financial and other personal details. Secure password storage combines with a crimeware and spyware scanner to ensure that whenever you log on to the Internet to make a financial transaction you are safe to do so. By taking advantage of the regular Symantec updates you can stay protected against all of the latest threats and you can take advantage of any new features with the free downloads.


Norton Internet Security 2008 Vs Norton 360

 Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2007    

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Introduction To Norton

Norton products have long been a popular choice for users wishing to protect themselves against the various threats that exist online. As well as providing invaluable software they are also renowned for their extensive definition databases and regular updates for the databases and the software. Two of the latest incarnations of software are full Internet security suites with added extras. This is how they compare.

Similarities Between Norton 360 And Norton Internet Security 2007

Both Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2008 provide virus and spyware protection. They also both include a firewall for enhanced security and offer intrusion prevention, antiphishing, and vulnerability assessment. Both applications can also be fully automated to run in the background of your system while you continue to use your PC and Internet connection as and when you need to.

Protection And Beyond From Norton 360 

Both offer an excellent level of protection against various potential threats, but Norton 360 takes it a step further. As well as preventing and removing these threats Norton 360 can validate whether a site is authentic or not providing even greater online protection. It will also optimize your PC. PC and hard drive cleaning is a valuable step in the fight against spyware and other malicious applications.

Local And Online Backups

Norton 360 can be used to create a backup of important files onto local media devices and online. Backing up files is the most powerful to protect against a loss of data. Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons including infection by a spyware or virus. Local backups are a convenient and safe way to protect your data while online backups provide the added protection of having a backup away from your existing computer. All backed up data can be securely and effectively encrypted to ensure it retains its integrity.

Cleaning Up After Infection

When spyware and viruses strike they have a tendency to leave a trail behind them. As well as potentially causing software conflicts and system errors this can be a huge waste of hard drive space. Even when we manually delete files or registry entries the hard drive does not allow for this action and large chunks of your hard drive can become unusable despite being empty. Defragmenting your disk drive is an effective technique made simpler and more effective by the Norton 360 application.

Optimizing Your Hard Drive For Superior Performance

As well as performing hard drive defragmentation Norton 360 will also optimize the hard drive. By tweaking your settings and removing unwanted files and histories it can speed up your online activities and improve the overall performance of your system and software. Norton 360 automatically and routinely completes this effective task for you ensuring that you can always get the best out of your browser and your system.

Norton Internet Security 2008 Conclusion

Norton Internet Security 2008 is a powerful protection and prevention suite that is ideal for the regular Internet user. It will help to beat spyware, viruses, and various other online threats. It is updated regularly to ensure that you are protected against the latest threats before they can become a major problem for your system.

Norton 360 Above And Beyond

However, Norton 360 excels because it takes this process a step further. As well as preventing and protecting against online threats it will also ensure that your system is properly optimized to give you the best performance possible. By defragmenting the hard drive, providing local and online backups, and optimizing your hard drive Norton 360 becomes an even more invaluable suite to have on your system.


Norton Internet Security 2008 Versus Norton Antivirus 2007

Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2007     Symantec

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Norton Internet Security Products

Norton computer security software is a powerful range of applications that help to prevent and remove online threats. As well as providing standalone applications to deal with specific families of threats, such as antispyware to combat spyware, there are also several all-in-one suites. These suites provide a full compliment of applications that protect against some or all of the prevalent online threats. As well as spyware these applications can protect against all forms of virus, spam, and a horde of other malware applications.

Norton Antivirus 2007

Norton Antivirus 2008 is the latest member of the Norton Antivirus series. It provides real time protection and a scanning function so that you can prevent the downloading and installing of infected files and you can clean or remove any files that have become infected. As well as providing this protection against viruses, Antivirus 2008 will help to combat the onslaught of spyware that can be picked up whenever you or an application on your system is online. The threat of viruses and spyware are just as much a problem on email, messenger, and file sharing applications as they are when surfing the net and downloading files.

Norton Internet Security 2007

Norton Internet Security 2008 is a suite of Internet security applications that includes the Norton Antivirus 2008 application. As well as providing protection against spyware and viruses Internet Security 2008 also provides a firewall that massively improves your online protection. A firewall can be used as a solid line of defense to prevent any unauthorized access to or from the Internet. This means hackers will not be able to find a way into your system.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Phishing emails have become an increasingly persistent problem. Emails are sent that attempt to mimic genuine emails from genuine organizations. But when users click a link and fill in their details this submission is forwarded to an unauthorized third party. The Norton Internet Security 2008 suite includes protection against phishing scams and will also ensure that any websites you visit are authentic.

Definition And Signature Database Updates

Both Norton Antivirus 2008 and Internet Security 2008 are backed up by an extensive definition and signature database. These databases ensure that the Norton security software on your system are fully equipped with the appropriate knowledge to protect against all of the latest and most damaging threats. Updates are released very regularly so you can be confident that when there is a new threat you will be one of the first to hear about it and one of the first to be protected against it regardless of the application you choose.

The Norton Protection Center

In order to effectively combine the different applications Norton Internet Security 2008 uses a dashboard or central user interface called the Norton Protection Center. This simple and intuitive interface provides a summary of protection currently offered to your system. It also enables you quick access to all of the different applications. Network protection data is also available.

Do You Require Norton Antivirus 2008 Or More

Norton Antivirus 2008 is a powerful security application that protects against spyware and viruses. It is backed up by regular and extensive updates to the software and to the definition database it uses to identify and beat these threats. For further protection against other equally potent and damaging online threats you should consider upgrading to the Norton Internet Security 2008 suite. This package includes the benefits of the Antivirus application as well as the benefits of a firewall, anti-phishing protection, and more.


Norton System Works Versus Norton System Works Premier

 Symantec's Norton SystemWorks 2006     Symantec's Norton SystemWorks 2006 Premier

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Norton System Works is an award winning PC utilities suite but it offers much more than this. It will effectively locate and remove viruses from your system while ensuring that your hard drive is properly optimized and cleaned for better system performance. It will also protect against spyware attempting to infect your computer and help to prevent worms, hackers, and other undesirables from your system.

Windows Tune Up Options

The Windows tune up facility enables you to improve or restore your system's performance. Spyware and viruses leave behind nasty traces even when they are effectively removed. Entries in the registry can conflict and almost certainly become obsolete. In the case of some online threats the existence of a registry entry can cause the application to install onto your computer again. Both the standard and premier editions of Norton System Works will optimize your hard drive and remove unnecessary temp files and browsing history.

Backup And Restore Functions

Both versions also provide an enhanced backup and restore feature. This enables you to create a backup of your entire system and to use this backup in the event that you need it. It is also possible to recover from poor or incomplete software installations. Again, these tend to leave footprints all over your system files and settings but the Norton System Works application will clean up for you. Failing this it provides the opportunity to restore your hard drive to an earlier time.

The Difference Between The Standard And Premier Versions

The major difference between Norton System Works and Norton System Works Premier is that the Premier package includes massively enhanced backup facilities. As well as creating a backup of your entire system you can also back up your most essential files to a local or remote media device. CD, DVD, flash drive, or external hard drive can be used to store the data and files you most covet.

Norton System Works Basic

As well as the standard and Premier edition there is also a Norton System Works basic edition. This feature limited application enables users to fix Windows errors and clean their system of temporary files, Internet cache, and other memory dependent areas of your Windows PC. It also provides the functionality of being able to undo a bad software installation.

Making The Right Choice

Whether you choose the basic, standard, or premier edition will depend on your needs. All of the features offered are beneficial should the need to use them arise. Software installation failures and a need to backup your system is certainly not unusual from time to time. Being able to backup all of your important files and data is also a crucial component of each of the applications. Of course, the majority of Internet users are painfully aware of the danger that spyware and viruses pose to an unprotected system.

Increased Functionality And Increased Value

Norton System Works Premier is the obvious leader in terms of functionality because it provides everything that the other two versions offer and includes the capability to back up all of your data to a storage device other than your internal hard drive.