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Norton 360
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Improving system performance with Norton 360

Improving System Performance With Norton 360

Norton 360 Introduction

Norton 360 is the latest incarnation of the all in one Internet security suite from Symantec. Symantec has been producing antivirus and antispyware software for a number of years and while all of the applications are typically very effective there has been cause to complain about the amount of system resources that the applications have taken up. Norton 360 has been built from the ground up partially in a bid to redress this situation and it does it very well. A smaller footprint on your system means that you shouldn't notice a decrease in system performance and your software and other programs should not suffer as a result of installing or running the application.

Norton 360 Versus Similar Applications

Deciding between the Norton application and similar applications from other companies may come down to more than effectiveness. It's true, for instance, that Norton 360 is larger than some of its main competitors in terms of the amount of disk space that is required but it generally runs far fewer processes in the background of your computer. If you have the spare disk space then Norton 360 is typically the best option for you because having a plethora of processes running on a computer is one of the quickest and most sure fire methods of hitting the performance.

Disabling Features To Improve Performance

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In all honesty the number of processes and the required disk space are unlikely to prove too unwieldy for a newer computer but for a more mature PC it does become a necessary factor. Of course, the best protection from online and other threats is ongoing protection and in order to afford your computer this luxury it is necessary to have the Norton processes running when you start your PC. This means that as soon as you switch your computer on you enjoy the protection that the application offers.

Performance Optimization Features

It is possible to disable certain aspects of the Norton application and doing so will prevent the associated processes from running. One method of improving your system performance is to actually disable the system performance tools that Norton offers until you require them. These tools can be used to clean out Internet files, temp files, and recycled files. In doing so you will actually improve the performance of your system in most cases.

Norton 360 And System Performance

When all is said and done Norton 360 isn't usually considered a system resource hog. It uses considerably fewer active processes when compared to similar products from other companies but it does still run quite a few. Features can be enabled and disabled as required which can help to improve the performance of your system but for the best protection the security features should be left as enabled. Ironically, the features that some users decide to disable because they are not required on a permanent basis are those of the system optimization features.

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