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Norton 360
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How to uninstall Norton 360
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How To Uninstall Norton 360

Why Uninstall Norton 360?


Applications that are not uninstalled correctly can cause errors on your system. Files or partial files can be left behind and these, in turn, can conflict with other applications and prevent you from properly installing other applications. If registry entries are left behind that point to non existent files or processes then this can cause errors when you attempt to log on to your PC or use software. In some cases this can lead to further and more serious errors including fatal exception errors where your system essentially gets caught in a loop attempting to execute a never ending script.

Using The Norton 360 Uninstaller

Norton 360, like the majority of applications, includes its own utility to properly and completely remove application files and application related files from your system. This utility ensures that all records pertaining to the Norton 360 application are completely removed from your system. Some users have experienced difficulties removing the Norton 360 program from their computer and, in these cases, there are other steps you can take in order to attempt a complete and clean removal. For now, though, this is how to uninstall the application using the Norton 360 uninstall utility.

Preparation Steps

Close down all Norton 360 applications, scans, and processes. Norton 360 operates in the background of your PC so closing the active windows is not enough. In the system tray at the bottom right of the screen you should see the Norton logo. Right click this and exit or close Norton 360.

Uninstallation Steps

l        Click the Start button to open the Start menu

l        Locate the Norton 360 folder and select uninstall from the list

l        Follow the on-screen instructions to completion

This is a very simple procedure and if it works then it is the most effective at removing all Norton files and registry entries. There are quite literally hundreds of these registry entries that are added by the Norton software so manual removal really is not a genuine option. It can take a trained technician a number of hours.

Windows Add Or Remove Programs Utility

The Windows Add/Remove Program utility may also oblige in the removal of the Norton application. To access and use this option follow these instructions:

Preparatory Steps

Close down all Norton programs, executable files, and running processes in the same method as mentioned above (right clicking the system tray icon and selecting exit or close).

Uninstalling With Windows Add Or Remove Programs Utility

l        Click Start

l        Click Control Panel

l        Click Add Or Remove Programs

l        Navigate down to the Noton 360 entry and click the Remove button

l        Follow any on screen instructions to completion

The Norton Uninstaller


Why You Should Remove Norton 360 Properly

Leaving the Norton 360 application on your system can prevent you from downloading and installing newer or older versions of Norton applications. It can also prevent you from downloading and effectively installing the same application again and could potentially cause problems when trying to install security software created by another manufacturer. For this reason it is strongly advised that you remove Norton 360 before attempting to perform any of these actions. Obviously, if you are still enjoying the features of the program then there is no reason to uninstall it.