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Norton Confidential
How to install Norton Confidential
How to uninstall Norton Confidential
Using Norton Confidential

How Do I Uninstall Norton Confidential

Norton Confidential Introduction

Norton Confidential is a useful application that protects your privacy while you're online and while you're viewing emails and using other web based applications. Phishing protection ensures that you only visit genuine sites through genuine links found in emails while the application also protects against certain methods of stealing passwords and other private data from your computer. Key loggers and screen capture software can be used to log and store all of your usernames and passwords for vital websites including bank websites. However, if you no longer require the use of Norton Confidential, if you have a new application, or you want to install it for any reason then you should use one of the following three methods to remove the software from your computer.

Using The Norton Confidential Uninstaller

Norton Confidential, like many applications, comes complete with its own uninstaller utility. This utility is quick and very simple to use. It can be located in the program folder or through the start menu using the following method

l        Click Start

l        Click All Programs

l        Navigate to the Norton Confidential folder and click Uninstall Norton Confidential

l        Select Uninstall and click Finish or Next

Using Windows To Remove The Application

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Windows Operating Systems also include an Add or Remove Program utility that works in a similar way and can be used to help ensure that all traces of the application have been removed. This utility is found within the Control Panel of your computer and can be accessed in the following way: 

l        Click Start

l        Click Control Panel

l        Click Add Or Remove Programs

l        Navigate to the entry for Norton Confidential and select Remove

l        Select Uninstall and click Finish or Next

Using The Specialist Norton Uninstaller

One final alternative does exist. Some older Norton applications were notoriously difficult to completely remove from a computer and, as such, Symantec release uninstallers for their applications. This utility can be found and accessed on the Symantec website and is free to download. The Symantec website has full instructions on how to use this utility.

Uninstalling Norton Confidential

Norton Confidential is a useful application that can help prevent the theft of your personal information and even your entire identity. However, there comes a time when we want to remove even the most beneficial of applications. We should always ensure that the removal of any program is done completely and properly in order to ensure that we do not suffer errors as a result of the uninstallation.

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